In the long run, having your boiler serviced regularly can reduce the risk of it breaking down. This will save you from spending a fortune and keeps your home safe.

There are risks to leaving your boiler unchecked such as carbon monoxide poisoning to weeks without heating and hot water.

With winter fast approaching and temperatures starting to drop, the last thing you want is for your central heating to stop working.

If you have your boiler looked at every year, you can reduce the chances of a breakdown and a more expensive payout in the long term.

Why should I get my boiler serviced and how often do I need to?
We recommend servicing your boiler at least once a year to make sure it’s operating as it should. A regular boiler service can cut costs in the long-run. It helps you to avoid having more than one emergency call out.

Who should I call if it breaks?
If your boiler stops working, follow these three steps before you pick up the phone.

1. Make a not e of any fault codes or flashing error messages on your boiler’s display panel.
2. Check the warranty on your boiler. By servicing your boiler annually, you will maintain a warranty which means you can claim the cost of the repair or even a free replacement boiler as long as you remain within warranty requirements.
3. If you live in rented accommodation it is your landlord’s responsibility to pay for any repairs to your boiler.

Booking your boiler service – As a local plumbing company we can supply you with a better offer than your energy supplier.

Get in touch with ASAP Plumbers today to schedule your boiler service. Email or call to speak with one of our friendly advisers on 0203 441 6626.

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