Which Is The Best Combi Boiler 2018?

In the UK a combi boiler is a popular choice. A combi boiler works to provide heat for your home through your radiators while also providing hot water on demand. With it being such a popular choice, we have whittled down the best combi boilers 2018. Before deciding on the best boiler, you need to make sure that a combi boiler is right for you.

Is a combi boiler right for you?

It is important to stress that a combi boiler is not suitable for every home. For example, the on-demand hot water in a combi boiler often only works for one task at a time. In larger households where people need hot water at the same time, a combi boiler may not be practical. However, for small homes, a combi boiler can be costeffective and provide you with instant hot water.

A combi boiler has many advantages. Firstly, the fact that hot water is available on demand is desirable for many people. With this, it can also mean that people could save money on their energy bills as water is only heated when required. Another advantage is that a combi boiler is very compact, so it will not take up too much space in the home and can often be hidden out of the way. It is also space saving as there is no need for cold water or expansion tanks.

The best combi boiler 2018

The best combi boiler 2018 for efficiency Worcester Bosch 32CDi

As a brand, Worcester is a popular choice with their expertise and the fact the brand is long established. The 32CDi model is a customer favourite thanks to its reliability and efficiency, with many water-efficient customers noticing savings on their energy bills. This model is ideal for families, designed to heat and provide water for homes with up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The Worcester Bosch 32CDi is also very compact as well as being extremely easy to use and control.

The best combi boiler 2018 for reliability Ideal Logic+ 24

Ideal Logic+ comes in different sizes, the 24 model stands for the 24kW and is suitable for two-bedroom homes with one bathroom. There is also a 35kW option which is designed for larger homes with over four bedrooms and more than two bathrooms.

The Ideal Logic+ is known for its reliability. It comes with an eight-year warranty as standard. It also has a range of features to increase its reliability, including frost protection. With a variety of features, the Ideal Logic+ has undergone lots of improvements for 2018 to become a go-to boiler choice.

The best combi boiler 2018 for size Baxi EcoBlue+

Baxi is a well-established boiler manufacturer with over 150 years of experience. Their EcoBlue+ is a bestseller for 2018. One of the best features of this boiler is the fact that it is incredibly compact and can fit into most cupboards which is ideal for homes where space is limited.

As well as being compact the Baxi EcoBlue+ is efficient and reliable and comes with a seven-year warranty. The boiler is well liked in the industry because it is very easy to maintain and very easy to operate.

Which best combi boiler 2018 is right for you?

If you are not sure which combi boiler is right for your needs, then speak to ASAP Plumbers. We can help to determine the best boiler based on your usage, requirements and the size of your property. Simply get in touch for advice and a free bespoke quote.