Have you ever seen a movie where you see a homeowner with a burst pipe and water dripping everywhere? Imagine the horror of seeing your home flooded and precious possessions ruined due to water damage.  It would be a nightmare, right?


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These are some of the reasons why you should seek expert advice when it comes to your plumbing.  We see a lot in our business.  Take the case of one homeowner who had a leaking boiler.  They let the water leak off and on for weeks.  Tried to take shortcut methods in the hope that the problem would fix itself.  They even resorted to turning the water off when it was not in use.  The truth is, the problem did not go away.  They eventually called an expert in, who discovered that the water was over-heating, thus making the water leak everywhere, including outside of their home.

Imagine the horror when their got their water bill.  They ended up paying 4 times as much as they usually pay…..because they chose to ignore the leak.  No doubt, they will not ignore it if it happens again.

Leaving water unchecked will cost you big time.  If you do notice a leak, do the following:

Check where the water is leaking from, and where it is leaking to.  Ensure that it is not going near your electrics as you could end up with an explosion.

Cut off the water supply

Call out a trained professional such as ASAP, your recommended London Plumbers, to deal with the issue.  The alternative is to attempt to fix the problem yourself and end up with a bigger bill in the process.

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Don’t be a Lone Ranger - London Plumbers ASAP Plumbers