How to save money when remodelling your bathroom

Set a lower budget







First things first you should have a set budget a little lower than what you are able to spend, this way you can set the limit in your mind but be able to splash out a little more if things do tend to get a little more pricey. If you set your mind on the actual budget limit chances are you will most likely go over this amount.

Do not opt for the cheapest items/materials

Although it may seem as though the cheapest of the pack is the best option in order to save money, this normally comes back to bite you in the bum. Cheaper materials do not last very long and will only lead to you having to splash out on new ones in the near future. It is always best to get the best quality to save you from having to constantly repeat over & over. Good quality materials may cost you a lot more now but are guaranteed to last much longer and save you tons in the long run.

Shop around







Do not be so quick to rush in and make decisions on a last minute note. Start you’re planning weeks even months before hand, try different websites, retailers etc to not only find the best bargain but to also be 100 percent sure on what theme/finishing look you really want. We have all found ourselves in that situation where we start thinking “this one looks so much better I wish I had waited a little longer”. Always be patient, put thought in and be sure that it is exactly what you want, after all such a big project isn’t so easy to change and if done can lead to you losing out on some serious bucks/energy and time.


Stick to vinyl/Tiled flooring











When faced with the flooring options it is always best to stick with Vinyl or tiles as they are waterproof, stylish and easy to maintain. Investing in other types of flooring such as wooden, laminating etc, tend to lead to mould growth under flooring after year/months of water spillage which faces you with yet another hefty bill of having to get it taking up and changed. When choosing flooring in a room with dampness stick to the safe option, bonus point is that both the above are also cheaper than the others to purchase, so a result now and in the future.


Keep the layout as it was

Designing A Bathroom Small Bathroom Design Layouts






Although you may want an extreme revamp in your bathroom we recommend keeping the layout the same as when changing the position of sink, toilet etc, you are faced with more costs in order to get pipework/drains changed to another location and also having to cover the previous spots up.








Not all work requires a professional, you can do little jobs such as painting the walls, hanging mirrors, fitting rails and assembling cabinets by yourself this can save you quite a lot of money. Also Mirrors and neutral colours are known to produce a look of more space and light in a room, so instead of spending a huge amount on an extra window or extension have a look online at some of the neutral mirrored looks, guaranteed to make a massive difference.


Sell your old fixtures






Set up an Ebay or Gumtree account and place your old items such as railings/mirrors/racks on there to make some cash instead of throwing the away. You will be surprised with how many people may want what you no longer need.


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