How to prevent and detect leaks in your household

Gas leaks

How to prevent and detect leaks in your household ASAP Plumbers






Over 250 people a year are admitted to hospital with Carbon Monoxide related poisoning and over 40 deaths are recorded each year. Carbon Monoxide can not only cause poisoning but also fires and in some cases even explosions. Gas leaks are a matter that every household should take very seriously. As Carbon Monoxide is colourless and also odourless it can be extremely hard to detect signs of a leak. It is upmost important that every household invests in a Carbon Monoxide alarm which will alert as soon as the presence is detected.

Below are a few signs that you must be sure to look out for.

Signs of a gas leak

  • A damaged connection to a gas appliance
  • Unusual sounds coming from a gas appliance such as whistling or an airy sound.
  • Moistness over or near a pipeline area
  • Although it is very rare to smell a gas leak, if odour does occur it will have a rotten gone off smell. (Do not rely on this as the majority of times there is no odour.)
  • A bubbly substance around or near gas appliances or pipework
  • Your pilot light on the boiler regularly goes out
  • Flames on gas appliances such as hobs, cookers are an orangey colour instead of the normal colour of blue.
  • There is an unusual/excessive amount of condensations your windows If you notice any of the above signs is it extremely important that you do the following.

 If you notice any of the above signs is it extremely important that you do the following.

  • Turn of the gas supply from the meter (Turn handle 90 degrees from the gas line.)
  • Open all of the windows & doors in the house
  • Do not smoke or use any flammable items
  • Exit the property and call the emergency National Grid services on 0800 111 999 or 999 emergency if a fire has started.

Be to prevent any of the above

  • Have the majority of gas pipes run outside of the property (if possible)
  • Have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted (This will alert you at the first sense of gas.)
  • Be sure that any gas installations are fitted by professional Corgi approved engineers
  • Have an Automatic Gas shut off valve fitted in your property
  • Test pipes at least twice a week for any leaks or bubbly substances or unusual sounds.
  • Make sure that all of your gas appliances are in good working order and are maintained to a high standard. (Serviced & gas safety certified once a year.)

Water leaks

How to prevent and detect leaks in your household ASAP Plumbers





Although not as serious as gas leaks, water leaks can still cause major problems within your household. Water leaks are an expensive and precious resource that can lead to costly repairs and even flooding within your household.

Signs of a water leak

  • Leaking pipes are the most obvious sign
  • If your water supply is metered you can take meter readings
  • Check your water meter leak indicator (if moving there is a leak)
  • There is damp or soggy patches on the carpet of on the flooring.

How to prevent water leaks

  • Carry out a basic monthly test (Check for any spraying, rust, dampness etc.)
  • Have the plumber install a drip pan. (Helps to notice signs at an early stage)
  • Inspect washing machine/dishwasher hoses once a month to check for any visible wear & tear. (Replace hoses every 5-7 months to prevent issues arising.)
  • Reduce water pressure (high pressure leads to stressing on the pipework and makes appliance over work.)
  • If your water pressure is to high have an engineer install a water pressure regulator.


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How to prevent and detect leaks in your household ASAP Plumbers