ASAP Plumbers have been looking after thousands of households and businesses for more than a decade. Every year we run across London to repair boilers so you can be warm and comfortable. Unfortunately by the time you need us, you’ve waited too long to prevent this from happening. Here are few tips we would like to share with you so you can be well prepared when cold weather arrives.


How to prepare your house for cold weather - Plumber's Advice ASAP Plumbers
ASAP Plumbers can fix your boiler anywhere in London


Have a Plan B – Portable electric heaters

If your boiler has broken down, your house will be cold. So while waiting for ASAP Plumbers to arrive, make sure you have some portable electric heaters to keep your house warm. They might be a bit expensive to run but at least you can avoid hypothermia.


Protect your pipes

If you have water pipes that are not insulated and not heated. They are usually the ones that run outside your house. Those are likely to freeze during cold weather. Contact us to install pipe insulation as they slow down freezing of the water. If you are going away for a long period, we advise to drain down the water from your various systems. Contact us for more information.


Service your boiler regularly

Prevention can avoid you loads of expensive bills. Make sure you to get your boiler service every year so we can detect and fix any anomalies with your system. With ASAP Plumbers you won’t have to worry about remembering, we will call you when your boiler service is due.



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How to prepare your house for cold weather - Plumber's Advice ASAP Plumbers