It’s very easy to forget to do small household maintenance chores like keeping your drains and pipes clean, but they are important. Knowing how to protect your home from small plumbing issues such as clogged sinks, backups, and overflowing toilets is the most pleasant way to handle the situation. If you do wind up with blockages and problems, having the skills to fix them will likely save you a ton of cash. Below we have listed the best options to keep your household blockages at bay.

Keep the right equipment in your cupboards
Be sure to always keep a plunger and a small snaking device, sink unblocking liquids such as Mr Muscle drain cleaner, Duck 3 in 1 lime scale cleaner, in order to prevent blockages. If you are unsure on how to use the equipment have a look online for some detailed instructions. Your drains will naturally accumulate a build-up inside of them. Soap, toothpaste, and all sorts of other debris get trapped inside with lots of germs and bacteria. This build-up not only becomes a blockage risk, but it can also get very smelly. Use a drain cleaning product such as the ones mentioned above, about once a month to break up these build-ups. Be sure you follow the directions on the packaging carefully.

 How to prevent your sink from getting clogged ASAP Plumbers

Don’t shave over the bathroom sink
The sink may seem like a the most convenient place to let all of those little hairs fall into when you shave or trim your hair, however as tempting as it may be this is one of the most common things responsible for a clogged sink in the bathroom caused the accumulation of lots of hair in the drain. As those small hairs tend to attach themselves to the grime that naturally builds up within your pipes and soon becomes a massive sticky hairball which eventually leads to a nasty blockage and an extremely off putting smell. To prevent this from happening the best option would be to shave/trim over a towel or cloth that you can shake off and wash later. Although it may involve a bit more effort to get your morning shave done it will be sure to put a stop to all of those annoying blockages.

 How to prevent your sink from getting clogged ASAP Plumbers

Scrape dishes correctly
Kitchen sinks are commonly clogged by food residue that is left behind after meals. Even if the food particles fit down the drain, it is not recommended that you flush them down. Correctly scrape plates off into the garbage can or disposal unit before placing in the sink. Simply being careful about how much food gets washed down the drain can keep drains free and clear for a long time. There are many grease fats that are liquid when they are hot but solid when they cool. Any type of grease or fat with these properties poses a serious risk for your drains. It won’t take long for these liquids to build up a thick fatty deposit that water can’t penetrate which leads to a nasty blockage.

How to prevent your sink from getting clogged ASAP Plumbers

Useful tips

  • At least twice a month remember to pour boiling hot water preferably with a mix of baking soda down the drain to keep pipes clean and gunge free, boiled kettle water works a treat!
  • Do not put wash paint brushes in a sink as this will be sure to cause a blockage, wash them in a bucket of luke warm water instead.
  • Do not pour grease or cooking oil down the kitchen sink, instead pour into empty containers and dispose of in the bin. These substances tend to get solid when they cool which is greatly known to cause a nightmare blockage.
  • Clean your sink stoppers every two months to prevent any leftover residue from building up around them.



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How to prevent your sink from getting clogged ASAP Plumbers