How To Give Your Bathroom A Makeover And Save Money

A bathroom while needs to be practical should also be a space that you enjoy and can relax in. Many people expect bathroom makeovers to be expensive. However, if you follow a few insider tips, you can find ways to give your bathroom a makeover and save money in the process.

Top tips to give your bathroom a makeover and save money

Create a plan

Knowing what you want to achieve before you begin your bathroom makeover can help to provide you with a budget and a goal. This will help you to compare prices and understand the market, so you don’t encounter costly mistakes. Having a clear vision means you will not get side-tracked and spend more than you can afford.

Bonus tip: If you want to save money, try to keep your existing pipework where it is in your designs. Moving plumbing fixtures can be costly.


Plumbers and tradespeople really do know all the tricks of the trade. It is worthwhile asking for advice from a tradesperson. They will be able to tell you about great deals and offers and may be able to acquire fittings at a much cheaper rate than the usual face value price for customers. Professional plumbers will also know the difference between ‘cheap’ and a bargain. You still want good quality fittings for your bathroom to protect yourself from costly breakages.

Bonus tip: Good quality fixtures will stand the test of time. It may save you more money in the long run by choosing quality over a cheap product that is not built to last.


While tiles are a favourite flooring option for bathrooms, they can be expensive. Instead, you can get a luxury look for less with vinyl flooring options. Vinyl can look incredibly realistic and comes in a range of different designs so you can find the perfect flooring to suit your style. As well as tile effect, you can also find vinyl with natural wood designs and contemporary patterns too.

Vinyl is an excellent material for the bathroom as it is waterproof, practical and durable. As well as being much cheaper than tiling, vinyl is also much warmer underfoot than tiling, which is excellent news for the winter months.

Bonus tip: for vinyl flooring to last, a completely flat surface is essential. Make sure to prepare the floor before laying vinyl, so you have a durable floor and a high-quality finish.

Sell your suite

If you are looking for a bathroom makeover, but your current suite is still in good condition, then you may be able to sell your fixtures second-hand. Auction sites are a convenient way to save money on your bathroom makeover and can boost your funds to help you pay for all the finishing touches. Just make sure to remove items with care so they can retain a value. If you do not have the skills to remove fixtures, then make sure to hire a professional.

Bonus tip: It is not just bathroom suites that you can sell. Many people will be looking for an array of bathroom fittings, from baths to taps to vanity units. Where possible, sell items that you are getting rid of.


To save money in a bathroom makeover, it is incredible what you can up-cycle to provide you with a new look for little cost. If your mirror is looking tired around the edges, consider adding a painted frame to give your mirror a brand-new look. Cupboards and shelves can be sanded and painted while bins and containers can be wrapped in new materials, such as a rope to give them a stylish new look.

Bonus tip: A standard no frills mirror is cheap to buy and can be instantly upgraded with a frame and designer touches such as a rope hanger and paintedon anchor for a nautical theme or perhaps fake flowers for a fresh, floral bathroom theme.

Planning a bathroom makeover on a budget?

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