Feeling cosy and warm this winter! ASAP Plumbers

Feeling cosy and warm this winter!

Winter is finally on our doorsteps. Yes, blog readers, the long dreary cold months are ahead of us, but don’t fear, at ASAP Plumbers we have some top tips to reduce those high-energy bills that are uniquely associated with many of us hitting the temperature switch up to its maximum, to feel cosy and warm in the winter.

See our Top 10 Tips to keep your home feeling cosy and warm. You never know, it may even save you some money too.

1. Keep those windows covered.
The AA reported that at least 40% of heat escapes through our windows and through the bottom of our doors. The most sensible thing to do is to cover up our windows with lined heavy curtains to keep the heat locked in. But if we think more logically, what about those naughty draughts. Have you noticed that despite having already heavy curtains against your windows, that when you put your heating on full blast your home is simply not heating up? Well if this sounds like your home then you may need to invest in some draught excluders, which can be cheaply picked up from your local DIY store. Investing in heavy curtains and keeping them closed mainly at night, as well as installing draught excluders could save you lots of money on trying to constantly heat up your home.

2. Turn that Thermostat down.
Research from directgov.com have suggested that despite turning our thermostat up full blast, it won’t heat up our home any quicker. In hindsight, all this does is costs us more money. On average, it costs us hundreds of pounds more during the winter months. ASAP Plumbers advice is to keep your thermostat between 18-21C.

3. Close unused doors behind you.
When doors are left open it is harder to heat our homes, especially when rooms are being unused. Shut each door behind you when they’re not in use, to heat the room quickly. Heat tends to stay trapped when it cannot escape.

4. Insulate those hot water tanks/cylinders and pipes for extra protection.
For those that have hot water tanks in their home it’s very important to insulate them because heat can escape. This means that the hot water tank, must therefore work harder to re-heat the water that is already stored. An installation jacket can prevent this, as it keeps your water hotter for longer periods of time, which could potentially save you a fortune on your energy bills because it requires less re-heating. Installation jackets are sold in most DIY stores. However, if you don’t have the time or don’t understand how to fit one of these, then ASAP Plumbers can certainly help. We are professional and experienced in fitting and installing jackets for hot-water tanks/cylinders. So, if you want that hassle taken away from you, or you are simply not sure how to install this, then you know who to call.

Another tip here is the installation of your pipe-work. This is called pipe lagging. Pipe lagging helps reduce heat loss from your hot water tank to your taps. It’s a simple installation that slips over your pipes for extra heat protection. Again, this installation can be bought, but like the above, if it’s too complicated or too much hassle, then ASAP Plumbers can fit this for you.

5. Get your central heating and boiler serviced regularly.
Don’t wait until your boiler or heating breaks down, which generally tends to happen when winter sets in. Regularly have this serviced. This will keep your boiler and heating system in top tip condition. Here at ASAP Plumbers we have been servicing and repairing boilers, as well as central heating systems for over ten years. If you do decide to have your boiler serviced or you need someone to assess your boiler, then we are accredited and professionals in our field, so please give ASAP Plumbers a call.

6. Gain heat back from your radiators.
An expensive option is that you invest in radiator panels to prevent the heat escaping through the walls. However, a less expensive solution is that you can insert ordinary tin foil at the back of your radiators, which simply does the same thing, but costing you less in the process.

7. Upgrading your boiler.
The Worcester Bosch Group have recommended that if your boiler is more than ten years old then you may need to replace it with a new energy efficient boiler. There are many boilers that you can choose from. Why not give ASAP Plumbers a call to discuss this? Did you know that our boiler quotations are free, so there is no obligation to go ahead with a replacement if you don’t want to? The benefits of having a newer, more efficient boiler could also save you money, because you are using less energy that in retrospect uses the same amount of heat. Furthermore, if you think about it, a newer boiler may mean less issues over the winter periods.

8. Use your programmer.
On cold, chilly and dreary days in the winter periods, we are often too quick to keep our heating on all day. All central heating systems should have a programmer. Realistically, we should set our programmers so that our heating comes on certain times of the day (morning and evening). Research from Which.co.uk have suggested that using our programmers can save us energy, compared to those that don’t use them.

9. Keep your feet warm and wrap up.
This is an old wives’ tale, but it does work. Wear slippers or the sock type slippers around the house. Unless you have underfloor heating, which many of us don’t, then I would recommend wearing thick socks to keep you nice and snug in the winter periods. Also, wear an extra layer of clothing or dressing gown to keep those heating costs down.

10. Floor coverings.
Put down floor coverings, such as rugs to prevent cold air from coming through the floor, especially if you have hard-wood flooring.

That’s it folks, this is ASAP Plumbers advice to you. We hope that we have given you room for thought to keep your home nice and cosy this winter. If you need our help with any boiler and central heating issues this winter, we are only a call away, so please get in touch.