We here at Asap Plumbers understand that having a reliable boiler is essential in any household especially when the winter months draw near, but just like many other devices and day to day gadgets boilers must be maintained and checked on a regular basis in order to be kept running smoothly.

Below we have listed the most important signs that you have received an accurate boiler service.

Checklist to good boiler servicing ASAP Plumbers







  • All plumbing/heating engineers must be Gas safe registered in order to carry out any type of service, be sure to verify this beforehand.
  • A visual check should always be carried out before the service to make sure that your boiler meets the current legal requirements.
  • Next a pre-service check must be carried out the boiler should be fired up to identify any faults or disturbed gas connections.
  • An emissions check must be carried out to find out if the boiler has any dangerous gas leaks.
  • All of the boilers casing should be removed so that all components such as Heat exchanger, sensor, burner and wiring can be checked correctly.
  • Boiler parts & inside casing must be cleaned (when necessary)
  • Flue terminals must be inspected to make sure that they are not jammed or obstructed.
  • The Gas valve must be adjusted from side to check that the burner is working properly and that there are no faults.
  • A gas tightness test must be carried out to ensure that there are no leaks anywhere.
  • If your boiler has any faults the engineer should inform you right away of any further charges/costs for parts or materials that may be needed.
  • All casing, seals and gaskets must be safely place back onto the boiler once the service has been completed.
  • Basic boiler services usually take around 30 minutes or more, if the service is carried out sooner than it would be best to get an explanation from the engineer before they leave.
  • At the end of the service the engineer must provide you with a detailed service report to show what it is they have completed, only sign if you are sure that the full service has been carried out. (use all of the above or search the web to check this)

We have listed below a few signs that indicate your boiler is due a service.

  • The pressure drops on more than one occasion
  • Loud noises coming from the fan inside the boiler
  • Your hot water flows slowly or is luke warm
  • Boiler refilling and/or overheating more frequently than often
  • Flame goes out frequently or is a yellowy colour


Checklist to good boiler servicing ASAP Plumbers



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Checklist to good boiler servicing ASAP Plumbers