There is one thing we know, here at ASAP Plumbers, choosing the right boiler for your house is like wearing the perfect suit or a great pair of heels. It has to fit right. So let us make it easy for you with some very useful advice on selecting a boiler for your house.

The combination boiler

The combination boiler is one of the most popular choice because it is the only type of boiler to provide instant hot water directly from the mains. Therefore you don’t need to wait for hours for hot water. Plus it is economical and so small that they can fit in a cupboard. However, because of the absence of hot water storage tank, the hot water runs cold if someone else use the hot water at the same time.

The combination boiler is ideal for small house or flat, with one bathroom or if you have a limited amount of storage space. 

Which boiler should you choose for your house? ASAP Plumbers

The sealed system boiler

The sealed system boiler stores hot water. With this boiler you need an airing cupboard or enough space for the hot water storage tank. The sealed system boiler is different from a heating only boiler or traditional open vent which require a second tank and consequently take more space.

With the sealed system boiler you can run hot water simultaneously without cutting someone’s hot water. Plus it also provides good water pressure. However, you will need to be more prepared and wait for water to heat before using it.

The sealed system boiler is ideal for large home, with more than one bathroom.

Which boiler should you choose for your house? ASAP Plumbers

The open vent boiler

The open vent boiler has two water tanks, usually located in the loft, with a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. This boiler requires lot of space. The way it works, one tank draws water from the mains supply to then feed the storage cylinder which, when heated by the boiler, is now able to provide hot water in your house.The second tank  serves as the feed and expansion tank which contains the correct level of water for your heating system.

Like the sealed system boiler, hot water can be drawn in any room at the same time. However if the cylinder runs cold it will take a little time to reheat.

If you currently have a traditional open vent boiler, it is easier to switch to an open vent sealed system boiler. It is relatively inexpensive to switch to this.

Which boiler should you choose for your house? ASAP Plumbers


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