At ASAP Plumbers, looking after your home or your business is our main concern. Making sure you do your very best to save on your energy bill is also of importance. So in this blog post, we share 7 very easy tips to apply to reduce your gas and electricity bill. Read on and learn how you can save more than £700 today.

1. Get your free insulation Loft insulation can save you up to £175 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust. There are many free insulation deals available from different energy suppliers. Simply contact your energy supplier and book an appointment.

 ASAP Plumbers Insulation

2. Turn off the lights It sounds so obvious but you will be surprised by the number of people who still believe it costs less to leave the lights on all day then switching it on and off. Improve your habits and save on average £60 a year off your bills. We are sure you can find a better way to use £60 extra that you can save.

turn_off_lights_ ASAP - 7 ways to save on your gas & energy bill

3. Choose  Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Replace your traditional bulbs with LEDs and save up £40 a year extra off your energy bill. They are more expensive to buy but in the long run they are more cost effective. Replace your traditional bulbs with LEDS 4.  Keep thermostat down & wear warm clothes During winter, the perfect temperature for a family home is 19 degrees. No one should wander about the house in summer clothes but warm clothes.  Each 1 degree can save you another £60 extra every year.

Digital Thermostat and male hand

ASAP heating service

5. Choose heavy curtains & close them at night Heavy curtains won’t let the cold slip through your windows & doors and will keep the heat in the house as well.

 ASAP Heavy curtains

6. Wash at 30 degrees You can turn the heat down as you don’t need to wash your clothes at a high temperature anymore. All best washing products are now taken into consideration the environment issues and the need to save energy. Doing this can save you another £130 extra every year.

ASAP Boiler service 

7. Replace your boiler An old boiler can cost you £240 extra. Why? Old boilers consume around 80 pence of your total fuel usage, according to Energy Saving Trust. A new boiler model is more efficient and costs far less. Simply contact us to get a personalised quote and find out which boiler is best for your home or property, contact us today or  0207 083 7023 ASAP Boiler services  



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