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How To Check Your Boiler Is Working Before Winter Hits

How To Check Your Boiler Is Working Before Winter Hits

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There is nothing more frustrating than a boiler breakdown, especially if it’s during the cold winter months. Many of us will turn the heating system off in the summer, which means the boiler has little work to do. When the cold months hit, the boiler is expected to work quickly and at capacity which can be too much for the boiler to take and could lead to a breakdown.

First things first, after summer you need to check that the boiler is still working. If you think it isn’t working, check the following before calling out an engineer.

  • Has the switch tripped? You may need to check your fuse box.
  • Does it need reprogramming? Settings may have been lost over the summer through a power cut, for example.
  • How’s the pressure? If the pressure gauge reading is low, it may need topping up. Use your manual for instruction.
  • What’s the temperature? It may need to be set to higher than 21 degrees to work.
  • Pilot light? If you have an older boiler, check the pilot light is on. If it’s a newer boiler, try the reset function.

Once your boiler is working, it’s time to give it a little TLC to keep it well-maintained through winter. The last thing people need in the run up to Christmas is a faulty boiler. To avoid suffering from the cold in the winter months, it is important to give your boiler an annual check and give you peace of mind that your boiler is ready for the autumn and winter months ahead.

Follow ASAP Plumbers’ four top tips to make sure your boiler is ready for autumn and winter.

  1. Boiler Service

Just like the winter flu jab, a boiler service should be an annual occurrence before winter begins. Now is the ideal time to make sure your boiler is functioning at its best and conduct necessary repairs before it causes a more expensive breakdown.

Make sure you employ an engineer who is Gas Safe registered to comply with the law, and their servicing check-up will be able to spot and correct any minor issues and pre-empt any problems that may arise in the future. For a relatively small cost, it could save you a considerable sum in the future.

  1. Prepare Your Boiler In Autumn

Even if the weather doesn’t seem too bad and the temperatures are still relatively warm, it is still worthwhile turning on your boiler on for a few hours a week. As the temperatures begin to drop, you can be sure your boiler is ready as it has completed its ‘warm-up’ and will be ready to go when you need it most.

If you think this added cost is unnecessary, don’t worry. It is actually more efficient to run your boiler a few hours a week than it is to expect it to work on full blast when you need it.

  1. Pipe Insulation

To reduce the toll on your boiler, it is worthwhile insulating the pipes connecting to your boiler. This can help to stop freezing water entering your boiler, which can mean the boiler needs to work even harder. Pipe insulation helps to keep your boiler working more efficiently and for a relatively low cost and can save you money in the long run.

Pipe insulation is relatively cheap and easy to do, you can find foam pipe jackets at your local DIY store and simply cut to fit your needs.

  1. Change Your Heating Style

Often when the cooler mornings arrive, our instinctive response is to whack the heating on full blast to try and make the house warm up quickly. What is actually more efficient for your energy costs and easier for your boiler is to let your home warm up over a prolonged period at a cooler temperature.

Having a smooth and slower change in temperature is much easier on your boiler and still ensures your home is warm and habitable and keeps your energy bills down.

Keep your boiler in check

By following these simple tips, you can help to ensure your boiler can meet your needs throughout winter, and that simple maintenance steps like these may help to save you a considerable sum in the long run. If your boiler needs a service or repair, ASAP Plumbers are available in London and have a team of experienced, Gas Safe registered engineers on hand to help fix any boiler issues you have.

Boilers on Finance: What You Need To Know

Boilers on Finance: What You Need To Know

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Boilers on Finance:

Boilers are an integral part of every home these days. Being able to heat where you live and have water on demand is something that everyone, not only wants but needs. Their importance is highlighted significantly during the cold winter months where they are necessary for keeping occupants warm even though it is bitterly cold outside.

Cost Of Boilers

While boilers are essential in the home, they do come at quite a cost. Typically, you are looking at paying out a few thousand pounds for the boiler along with somebody qualified to install it. You can’t really afford to scrimp on purchasing an efficient boiler that suits your needs as it can be an investment in the long-term, helping to reduce your average fuel bills going forwards. It’s also imperative that you choose a registered and qualified professional to install the system due to the health hazards that they can pose.

Another good reason to spend on a reliable boiler is that during the winter months they do tend to break down more often. Just when you rely on them the most. Spending that bit extra on a recommended model as well as getting the system serviced annually is important to prevent potential breakdowns.

Buying A Boiler On Finance

With the outlay for having a new boiler installed being pretty hefty, you could be looking at paying upwards of £3000. Some people just cannot afford to pay that all in one go. There are, however, options available out there that allow homeowners to spread the cost through a finance plan. This will allow payments to be made over a number of years. Typically, the lender will pay the upfront costs, and then an agreement is reached for them to be paid back at an affordable rate.

Due to the credit agreement, you will end up paying more than what the original cost was; this is because of the interest that is applied. For example, a boiler costing £2,122 pound originally, paid over three years at an interest rate of 11.3%, could see you pay close to £400 in credit costs. The longer the agreement is for, the higher the repayable amount will be. Some opt to pay over a ten-year period. At the same rate, you could end up paying close to £1400 in credit repayments.

Benefits of Purchasing A Boiler On Finance

Paying monthly can have its advantages though, especially if you can’t pay the full amount all at once. If you have a boiler that isn’t really energy efficient and is costing a lot through your energy bills, it could be ideal to get a new one installed. Paying monthly, especially if your income isn’t great, will allow you to still have the money to spend on the essentials such as a mortgage, rent, utility bills and food shopping. Meeting the repayments on time will also allow you to build up your credit rating by showing that you’re in control of your finances.

Negatives of Buying A Boiler On Finance

Some will see purchasing a boiler on a monthly pay scheme as a bad idea. This is usually because you end up paying a substantial bit extra back due to the interest that is charged. The interest can be rather high, so it pays to shop around. If you don’t do some research first, you could end up missing out on a better deal. Another reason the amount to pay back may be costly is if you don’t have a great credit score when applying. This will mean you are potentially a bigger risk financially, so interest rates will soar. Failing to make payments will also have a negative effect on your credit rating. Due to the nature of the agreement, it is a contract that you are choosing to enter into. This ultimately means if anything happens that you are not covered for, or you move home during the repayment period, you will still be required to pay back what you owe.

Are You Entitled To A Free Boiler?

Luckily, some people are eligible for a free boiler on the government’s free boiler scheme. You have to meet the criteria set to qualify, but even if you don’t meet the requirements in full, you may be entitled to some funding towards a new boiler.

First of all, a resident at the property must be receiving benefits such as universal credit, job seekers allowance, ESA and child tax credits for example. The total household income must also be less than £16,010. Installation of a new boiler must also be justified in terms of generating savings. If, for example, carbon savings will be significant, along with the other criteria being met, the funding cost will be entirely warranted.

If, currently you are not in receipt of benefits and your boiler needs to be replaced, you could consider getting a boiler on finance.

What Is Best For You?

It does pay financially to purchase a boiler and pay all the upfront costs in one go. It will save you money both on your energy bills and through no interest rates. If you can’t afford the large initial outlay, then opt to pay over a number of years, but make sure you shop around first and compare deals. Some people may benefit from getting a loan to cover the costs as the interest rates could be less. Firstly, it is wise to check if you qualify for a free boiler through the government scheme.

Whatever you decide, a boiler is an investment you should definitely consider, helping to reduce your energy bills, improving your home’s energy efficiency that helps the planet and can add to the value of your home when you sell. If you need help deciding on your next boiler and what is best for your home then speak to a friendly member of our team at ASAP Plumbers to offer our expert boiler knowledge so that you can make your next boiler decision with confidence.

Signs that I need a Power-Flush

Signs that I need a Power-Flush

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Did you know that taking care of your central heating system can save you time and money in the long run?

Over time sludge and debris can build in our heating system causing pipes and radiators to corrode. Consequently, radiators and pipes can become blocked which can then slow down the process of heat reaching significant parts of the heating system. In most cases when sludge and debris occurs, our heating system does not function properly and can cause significant damage to the pipes, valves, pumps, and even heat exchanges. In fact, in some cases a whole new boiler is needed, which can cost the home-owner thousands of pounds, leaving a great big whole in their bank balance.  However, there is a simple remedy that could save you from this, and that is the procedure of a POWER-FLUSH!

A lot of people don’t quite understand what a power-flush is and how important it is to regularly have one done to prevent these problems from occurring. A power flush is a simple cleansing procedure to your central heating system. It is a process that can effectively eliminate sludge and corrode that builds up and cause so many problems.

There are however some tell-tale signs to look out for before you go ahead with a power-flush procedure. This can be carried-out yourself or you can get a professional in to diagnose this for you.

  • Do you have cold spots when your radiators are on?

  • Is there excessive noise coming from your boiler or heating system pump?

  • If you bleed your radiators, is there brown discoloured water flowing out?

  • Are your radiators taking forever to heat, or even come on at all?

  • Are your pipes very hot and your radiators are hardly heating up?

  • Is your boiler constantly breaking down?

If your central heating system is causing you problems and you have at least in part some of the above tell-tale signs, then It may be worth-while giving us a call, we are experienced in carrying out power-flushes and are efficient in diagnosing when a power-flush may be the ultimate cause to your central heating problems.

Despite it making a lot of sense in having your central heating systems regularly checked to prevent such occurrences, we all know that sometimes we haven’t the time nor the money to always achieve this, but the benefits of having this done can also outweigh the costs if you were to leave it.

So please don’t delay, ASAP Plumbers are here to help keep your central heating system healthy, so that it can work to its full potential.


What does your boiler say about you?

What does your boiler say about you?

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What does your boiler say about you?

Hello blog readers, I want to first educate you with a couple of different types of boilers that we have installed here at ASAP Plumbers, combined with a little bit of FUN using a psychological perspective of what each of these boilers may say about your personality.


The Worcester Bosch Group have a range of boilers to choose from. However, doing a complete data analysis of all the boilers we have installed over the past year, I can reveal that there are two popular designs from this range that customers have been very satisfied with.

Greenstar i

The first is the combi boiler. The Greenstar i is the most popular of this brand.  The Worcester Bosch Group’s impression of this brand suggest that the Greenstar i is an award-winning boiler that has been fitted in over a million homes. It has achieved an A+ ErP package efficiency rating. It is reliable and simple to understand. It has energy efficient benefits and performs to a very high level. It is fast and instantaneous in delivery hot water, which is always constantly available. It doesn’t rely on any other systems, like a separate hot water cylinder to operate. It’s small, neat and sleek in its appearance, and in retrospect you can save a lot of space if you purchase or own this kind of boiler.

What does this boiler say about me? 

A person who chooses this brand or has one of these installed already, may have a personality that is articulate in nature. They like to always think carefully and wisely about the choices they make in their life and their home. Like the Greenstar i they always want to achieve to a high standard. They are passionate about not hurting the feelings of others and they are environmentally friendly and enthusiastic about the world they live in.  They are self-sufficient and are always very target driven with the need to be firm to get things executed.

Continue reading “What does your boiler say about you?”

Feeling cosy and warm this winter!

Feeling cosy and warm this winter!

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Feeling cosy and warm this winter!

Winter is finally on our doorsteps. Yes, blog readers, the long dreary cold months are ahead of us, but don’t fear, at ASAP Plumbers we have some top tips to reduce those high-energy bills that are uniquely associated with many of us hitting the temperature switch up to its maximum, to feel cosy and warm in the winter.

See our Top 10 Tips to keep your home feeling cosy and warm. You never know, it may even save you some money too.

1. Keep those windows covered.
The AA reported that at least 40% of heat escapes through our windows and through the bottom of our doors. The most sensible thing to do is to cover up our windows with lined heavy curtains to keep the heat locked in. But if we think more logically, what about those naughty draughts. Have you noticed that despite having already heavy curtains against your windows, that when you put your heating on full blast your home is simply not heating up? Well if this sounds like your home then you may need to invest in some draught excluders, which can be cheaply picked up from your local DIY store. Investing in heavy curtains and keeping them closed mainly at night, as well as installing draught excluders could save you lots of money on trying to constantly heat up your home.

2. Turn that Thermostat down.
Research from have suggested that despite turning our thermostat up full blast, it won’t heat up our home any quicker. In hindsight, all this does is costs us more money. On average, it costs us hundreds of pounds more during the winter months. ASAP Plumbers advice is to keep your thermostat between 18-21C.

3. Close unused doors behind you.
When doors are left open it is harder to heat our homes, especially when rooms are being unused. Shut each door behind you when they’re not in use, to heat the room quickly. Heat tends to stay trapped when it cannot escape.

4. Insulate those hot water tanks/cylinders and pipes for extra protection.
For those that have hot water tanks in their home it’s very important to insulate them because heat can escape. This means that the hot water tank, must therefore work harder to re-heat the water that is already stored. An installation jacket can prevent this, as it keeps your water hotter for longer periods of time, which could potentially save you a fortune on your energy bills because it requires less re-heating. Installation jackets are sold in most DIY stores. However, if you don’t have the time or don’t understand how to fit one of these, then ASAP Plumbers can certainly help. We are professional and experienced in fitting and installing jackets for hot-water tanks/cylinders. So, if you want that hassle taken away from you, or you are simply not sure how to install this, then you know who to call.

Another tip here is the installation of your pipe-work. This is called pipe lagging. Pipe lagging helps reduce heat loss from your hot water tank to your taps. It’s a simple installation that slips over your pipes for extra heat protection. Again, this installation can be bought, but like the above, if it’s too complicated or too much hassle, then ASAP Plumbers can fit this for you.

5. Get your central heating and boiler serviced regularly.
Don’t wait until your boiler or heating breaks down, which generally tends to happen when winter sets in. Regularly have this serviced. This will keep your boiler and heating system in top tip condition. Here at ASAP Plumbers we have been servicing and repairing boilers, as well as central heating systems for over ten years. If you do decide to have your boiler serviced or you need someone to assess your boiler, then we are accredited and professionals in our field, so please give ASAP Plumbers a call.

6. Gain heat back from your radiators.
An expensive option is that you invest in radiator panels to prevent the heat escaping through the walls. However, a less expensive solution is that you can insert ordinary tin foil at the back of your radiators, which simply does the same thing, but costing you less in the process.

7. Upgrading your boiler.
The Worcester Bosch Group have recommended that if your boiler is more than ten years old then you may need to replace it with a new energy efficient boiler. There are many boilers that you can choose from. Why not give ASAP Plumbers a call to discuss this? Did you know that our boiler quotations are free, so there is no obligation to go ahead with a replacement if you don’t want to? The benefits of having a newer, more efficient boiler could also save you money, because you are using less energy that in retrospect uses the same amount of heat. Furthermore, if you think about it, a newer boiler may mean less issues over the winter periods.

8. Use your programmer.
On cold, chilly and dreary days in the winter periods, we are often too quick to keep our heating on all day. All central heating systems should have a programmer. Realistically, we should set our programmers so that our heating comes on certain times of the day (morning and evening). Research from have suggested that using our programmers can save us energy, compared to those that don’t use them.

9. Keep your feet warm and wrap up.
This is an old wives’ tale, but it does work. Wear slippers or the sock type slippers around the house. Unless you have underfloor heating, which many of us don’t, then I would recommend wearing thick socks to keep you nice and snug in the winter periods. Also, wear an extra layer of clothing or dressing gown to keep those heating costs down.

10. Floor coverings.
Put down floor coverings, such as rugs to prevent cold air from coming through the floor, especially if you have hard-wood flooring.

That’s it folks, this is ASAP Plumbers advice to you. We hope that we have given you room for thought to keep your home nice and cosy this winter. If you need our help with any boiler and central heating issues this winter, we are only a call away, so please get in touch.

Replacing Your Boiler in the Summer? 


At first, it might sound strange to go near your boiler or central heating system in the summer (unless you’re having an unfortunate rainy one) but, when you think about it summer really is the best time to make any upgrades to your boiler. If you’re looking for boiler replacement services in North London, then summer is definitely the best time to get the job done.

After all, you likely won’t be using it much – if at all – so your boiler won’t be missed while a new   unit is being installed. While a boiler replacement in Islington can often be done quite quickly nowadays, ask yourself – do you really want to be without your boiler in the winter or autumn, for even a few days?

Probably not, so why wait? ASAP Plumbers amazing boiler installation services in North London mean you can ensure you’re ready and prepared for the always-unpredictable and chilly great British winters. You won’t want to run the risk of your boiler failing during the winter and having a new unit installed during the summer will guarantee a warm and relaxing home when you need it.

Despite it making a lot of sense to get any boiler or central heating work done in the summer, you’ll find that it’s often cheaper to get work like this done during the warmer months as well. So you’ll often find yourself getting a better deal – it really is a win-win opportunity.

Why not take a look at our boiler services for North London, so you can be sure to avoid any heating disruption when you need it most? No one wants to be making a call for a central heating repair in London on the chilliest days in winter.

And that’s not all – there’s even more good news because if you’re looking for a boiler replacement in North London, you could be eligible for the London boiler cashback scheme. This official government-run scheme means that if you’re a London homeowner or an accredited private landlord then you could receive up to £400 towards the cost of upgrading your old boiler to a newer, more energy-efficient model. The scheme launched in February 2016 and is on a first-come, first-served basis, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to take advantage of it.

With the potential for huge savings and for the peace of mind in knowing you’ll have a stress-free and warm home during the winter. The summer really is the best time to get your boiler serviced or replaced. Don’t wait for your central heating system to fail, get your boiler checked out today by ASAP Plumbers.

When Is the Right Time to Replace a Toilet?

When Is the Right Time to Replace a Toilet?



Your toilet is cracked or leaking











A cracked or leaking toilet can lead to continuous and expensive repairs. Not only can a toilet leak lead to major damage to the flooring but can also overtime cause mould growth on your bathroom walls and skirting boards which eventually will need redecorating. We sometimes take no notice to small leaks that at present are not causing a major issue, however even the slightest leak will eventually lead to a massive water bill. Cracked toilets if not replaced can eventually cause a blow-out which causes extensive damage to the surrounding area and an extremely hefty bill. When you notice first signs of a cracked/leaking toilet you should consider an upgrade.


Your toilet requires extensive repairs






If you are faced with multiple issues with different components in and around your toilet, it would be the best option to look into obtaining a whole new toilet as this will definitely help you financially, especially of your current toilet is rather old. Shop around to gain some quotes and compare with the costs that you would be out on replacing parts etc, to see which one works out best.


You are remodeling your bathroom









If you are considering a remodel of your bathroom it may be the best time to also update your toilet, as the remodelling process normally involves taking up the flooring and sometimes installing new pipework which means also taking out the current toilet in order to lay down a new supply. Remodeling can also involve sink/basin/bath upgrades so you would not want the new fittings to outshine the old toilet.



Are you looking for plumbers in London, an emergency plumber in London, gas safe engineer?

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Do you need central heating installation?

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Do you need bathroom design?

At ASAP Plumbers, our bathroom designers can assist you. We can also provide bathroom design ideas in London and around UK. Click here to find out more.







Plumbing myths and facts


Plumbing myths and facts


We know that from time to time we hear all sorts of myths hanging around in regards to plumbing, this is why we have listed the myths and facts below.


You can do it myself and save money

Speaking from experience, we can guarantee that when plumbing problems occur each individual may try to take the task on their selves and the majority of the times it ends up leading to a more complicated issue and increases the cost.

Unless faced with a small issue it is always the best option to call the plumber in.

How to save money when remodelling your bathroom

How to save money when remodelling your bathroom

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How to save money when remodelling your bathroom

Set a lower budget







First things first you should have a set budget a little lower than what you are able to spend, this way you can set the limit in your mind but be able to splash out a little more if things do tend to get a little more pricey. If you set your mind on the actual budget limit chances are you will most likely go over this amount.

Do not opt for the cheapest items/materials

Although it may seem as though the cheapest of the pack is the best option in order to save money, this normally comes back to bite you in the bum. Cheaper materials do not last very long and will only lead to you having to splash out on new ones in the near future. It is always best to get the best quality to save you from having to constantly repeat over & over. Good quality materials may cost you a lot more now but are guaranteed to last much longer and save you tons in the long run.

Shop around







Do not be so quick to rush in and make decisions on a last minute note. Start you’re planning weeks even months before hand, try different websites, retailers etc to not only find the best bargain but to also be 100 percent sure on what theme/finishing look you really want. We have all found ourselves in that situation where we start thinking “this one looks so much better I wish I had waited a little longer”. Always be patient, put thought in and be sure that it is exactly what you want, after all such a big project isn’t so easy to change and if done can lead to you losing out on some serious bucks/energy and time.


Stick to vinyl/Tiled flooring











When faced with the flooring options it is always best to stick with Vinyl or tiles as they are waterproof, stylish and easy to maintain. Investing in other types of flooring such as wooden, laminating etc, tend to lead to mould growth under flooring after year/months of water spillage which faces you with yet another hefty bill of having to get it taking up and changed. When choosing flooring in a room with dampness stick to the safe option, bonus point is that both the above are also cheaper than the others to purchase, so a result now and in the future.


Keep the layout as it was

Designing A Bathroom Small Bathroom Design Layouts






Although you may want an extreme revamp in your bathroom we recommend keeping the layout the same as when changing the position of sink, toilet etc, you are faced with more costs in order to get pipework/drains changed to another location and also having to cover the previous spots up.








Not all work requires a professional, you can do little jobs such as painting the walls, hanging mirrors, fitting rails and assembling cabinets by yourself this can save you quite a lot of money. Also Mirrors and neutral colours are known to produce a look of more space and light in a room, so instead of spending a huge amount on an extra window or extension have a look online at some of the neutral mirrored looks, guaranteed to make a massive difference.


Sell your old fixtures






Set up an Ebay or Gumtree account and place your old items such as railings/mirrors/racks on there to make some cash instead of throwing the away. You will be surprised with how many people may want what you no longer need.


Are you looking for plumbers in London, an emergency plumber in London, gas safe engineer?

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Do you need bathroom design?

At ASAP Plumbers, our bathroom designers can assist you. We can also provide bathroom design ideas in London and around UK. Click here to find out more.

a plumber repairing a broken sink in bathroom















How to prevent and detect leaks in your household

How to prevent and detect leaks in your household

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How to prevent and detect leaks in your household

Gas leaks







Over 250 people a year are admitted to hospital with Carbon Monoxide related poisoning and over 40 deaths are recorded each year. Carbon Monoxide can not only cause poisoning but also fires and in some cases even explosions. Gas leaks are a matter that every household should take very seriously. As Carbon Monoxide is colourless and also odourless it can be extremely hard to detect signs of a leak. It is upmost important that every household invests in a Carbon Monoxide alarm which will alert as soon as the presence is detected.

Below are a few signs that you must be sure to look out for.

Signs of a gas leak

  • A damaged connection to a gas appliance
  • Unusual sounds coming from a gas appliance such as whistling or an airy sound.
  • Moistness over or near a pipeline area
  • Although it is very rare to smell a gas leak, if odour does occur it will have a rotten gone off smell. (Do not rely on this as the majority of times there is no odour.)
  • A bubbly substance around or near gas appliances or pipework
  • Your pilot light on the boiler regularly goes out
  • Flames on gas appliances such as hobs, cookers are an orangey colour instead of the normal colour of blue.
  • There is an unusual/excessive amount of condensations your windows If you notice any of the above signs is it extremely important that you do the following.

 If you notice any of the above signs is it extremely important that you do the following.

  • Turn of the gas supply from the meter (Turn handle 90 degrees from the gas line.)
  • Open all of the windows & doors in the house
  • Do not smoke or use any flammable items
  • Exit the property and call the emergency National Grid services on 0800 111 999 or 999 emergency if a fire has started.

Be to prevent any of the above

  • Have the majority of gas pipes run outside of the property (if possible)
  • Have a Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted (This will alert you at the first sense of gas.)
  • Be sure that any gas installations are fitted by professional Corgi approved engineers
  • Have an Automatic Gas shut off valve fitted in your property
  • Test pipes at least twice a week for any leaks or bubbly substances or unusual sounds.
  • Make sure that all of your gas appliances are in good working order and are maintained to a high standard. (Serviced & gas safety certified once a year.)

Water leaks






Although not as serious as gas leaks, water leaks can still cause major problems within your household. Water leaks are an expensive and precious resource that can lead to costly repairs and even flooding within your household.

Signs of a water leak

  • Leaking pipes are the most obvious sign
  • If your water supply is metered you can take meter readings
  • Check your water meter leak indicator (if moving there is a leak)
  • There is damp or soggy patches on the carpet of on the flooring.

How to prevent water leaks

  • Carry out a basic monthly test (Check for any spraying, rust, dampness etc.)
  • Have the plumber install a drip pan. (Helps to notice signs at an early stage)
  • Inspect washing machine/dishwasher hoses once a month to check for any visible wear & tear. (Replace hoses every 5-7 months to prevent issues arising.)
  • Reduce water pressure (high pressure leads to stressing on the pipework and makes appliance over work.)
  • If your water pressure is to high have an engineer install a water pressure regulator.


Are you looking for plumbers in London, an emergency plumber in London, gas safe engineer?

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Do you need solar panel installation or central heating installation?

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Do you need bathroom design?

At ASAP Plumbers, our bathroom designers can assist you. We can also provide bathroom design ideas in London and around UK. Click here to find out more.